Food Network to offer a kid his or her very own series

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Food Network to offer a kid his or her very own series

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Food Network, television channel available to almost 100 million households, will be premiering the second season of Rachael vs. Guy: Kids Cook-Off on August 17th. While usually these shows put adults to compete against each other, this show is a bit different and the competition is for kids, for kids and for the grand prize of their very own series on

By now the contestants, the eight kidtestants, who will be competing against each other, have been chosen, and they will be competing against each other over six episodes full of challenges, each episode featuring one mini and one main challenge. Each guaranteed to test the small chefs kitchen and on-camera skills as the chef's parents are watching.

The first episode, Street Food Showdown, will be offering everyone a chance to make their "family favorite" meal that shows the judges who the kids are as chefs. Over the course of the season there will be a number of incredible guest judges making an appearance on the show, names such as Melissa d'Arabian, G. Garvin, Alex Guarnaschelli, Robert Irvine, Jeff Mauro, Wolfgang Puck and Curtis Stone.

Mentoring and coaching the little chefs, the kidtestants, are bestselling cookbook authors and celebrity chefs Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri.

“I’m stoked to be back in the kitchen cooking with a great group of kids for the second season of Rachael vs. Guy: Kids Cook-Off,” said Guy Fieri. “There’s nothing I love more than working with these awesome kids to help develop their culinary chops. And of course, Rachael and I love a good rivalry!”

Learn more about the show at

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