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Art is art. Meet the masters at Bukowskis on December 4

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A major sculpture collection is going up for sale at Bukowskis on December 2012. Collection, once owned by the family behind Swedish chocolate brand Marabou, Throne-Holst, valued ca EUR 2,23 million, includes pieces by a number of master artists.

The list of artists whose pieces are sold as part of the collection features names such as Auguste Rodin, Jean Arp, Aristide Maillol, Lynn Chadwick, Henri Laurens, and Arnaldo Pomodoro.

One of the more special masterpieces in the collection is "Le Penseur" by Rodin. Based on the information by Jérôme Le Blay there are only ten known casts of "Le penseur" from this period.


When talking about the collection as a whole, art expert Julian Barran said that "What is so relevant to the collection is the great documentation of all the acquisitions. Today, when there's been an increase of value for art, buyers want to be sure about what they are buying. In this case, the documentation links right back to the creation of the work, which is very rare."

If you are interested in learning more about the collection, visit THE MARABOU COLLECTION information page and Autumn Classic Sale page for information about this one of the most magnificent sales in the history of Bukowskis.

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