Keeping the Spirit of Christmas throughout the Year

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Keeping the Spirit of Christmas throughout the Year

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Do you miss the season of winter? That might not be the case since you are most probably enjoying the warmth of spring. However one thing that you may miss about winter is the festive feeling of Christmas, the only celebration that we all look forward to spend time with our loved ones while sharing gifts and organising the hearty Christmas dinner. It may still be too early to start organising for Christmas and thinking about family gatherings, but we can still remember these time of joy, optimistic hopes for the future and good cheer.

We have brought to you some interesting facts about the Christmas season that you may not be aware of. Did you know that while in most countries children put stockings out at Christmas time, in Holland children uses their shoes. In this same country, it is believed that St Nicolas is usually accompanied by his servant Black who has the responsibility of dropping the presents down the chimneys for children. Finnish folklore believes that when Santa visits Finland, he quits his sleigh behind and mounts on a goat made of straw named Ukko; strong enough to bear the weight of Santa. You may all know the Christmas song “Jingle Bells”, but did you know that this song was actually composed by James Piermont and was originally called “One Horse Open Sleigh” back in 1857 and surprisingly this song was actually written for Thanksgiving.

December is a month filled with traditions that we know since we were little, and while you are waiting for the month of December to bring back its magic, you can still enjoy the feeling of Christmas at Spin and Win casino with Merry X-mas Slots throughout the year. This 5 reels, 25 pay line online slots at is themed on the celebration of Christmas, with its background of snow falling, candles, and Christmas decoration, which will immediately take you into the festive mood. This game has 4 wild symbols appearing on reel 3 only and an amazing bonus game.

On Merry Xmas Slots, you will discover 4 wild symbols which are the multipliers x2, x3, x4 and x5, substituting for all other symbols except the bonus symbol when helping to comprise a winning combination. You can be paid x2, x3, x4 or x5 in a winning combination that include a wild symbol, whereas 3 bonus symbols represented by Christmas gifts appearing anywhere on the reels will trigger the Pick a Prize bonus where you will have the chance to open one of the Christmas Gift to reveal a superb prize. There is also an optional Gamble round on Merry Xmas slots that will allow you to double or quadruple your prize.

We look forward to these wonderful celebrations, the decorations, baking, enjoying the food, seeing the family, and preparing the gifts. This is just a very unique time of the year and you now can celebrate this holiday anytime of the year in a way you have not done before.

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