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‘Love is Blind’ goes the old adage as many have found out to their chagrin especially post marriage. A marriage is defined as an institution that brings together two likeminded individuals of different sexes so that they can go forth and multiply adhering strictly to the biblical instructions. But what about the rapidly growing community of same sex couples, some of whom would dearly love to get hitched, well and truly?

The Defense of Marriage Act does not really recognize that a couple belonging to the same sex can happily live ever after. Across Connecticut, Massachusetts, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Washington, D.C., gay couples enjoy getting married legally while the states of New York, Rhode Island and Maryland are magnanimous enough to recognize the need without actually granting licenses for such marriages.

Come to think of it, the very idea of gay marriages does not seem to be too repelling. Even if you do manage to dismiss the voice of dissent that is on the rise against such a discriminatory law, there are some very practical reasons for standing up for the gay couple as they take their wedding vows. Let us now check out the reasons which might help us to understand why a married couple might be happy & gay at the same time.

  • Being gay is not natural say the conservative heterosexual American. But then neither are contact lenses, prosthetics and birth control yet we cannot seem to do without them.

  • Children are the product of marriages argues the steadfast biblical scholar but just think population control by actively encouraging same sex marriages! What a savior for the world!

  • Gay marriages do not enjoy the support of the church. Let the people stand behind the union. What more can you ask in a country that is of the people, by the people and for the people?

  • Children can enjoy the company of same sex parents. There is no opposite point of view in the family.

  • A country which adapts to newer car models and new reality shows on the telly without batting an eyelid can undoubtedly adapt themselves to the changing society comprising of gay couples.

  • And, of course, hanging around gay couples might make you feel totally unique and different.

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