Walgreens donates millions of vaccines to children who need it

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Walgreens donates millions of vaccines to children who need it

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It's not every day that a drugstore wants to give away something for free, but it's currently exactly the case with the largest drugstore chain in U.S.

Walgreens is a drugstore chain with a vision to become the first choice for health and daily living in America. The company has roughly 6 million customers in U.S. where they have more than 8000 drugstores across the 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Walgreens has worked together with CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) as well as with WHO (World Health Organization) and donated over 400 thousand doses of flu vaccines to people in Nicaragua and Laos. And that's just within the past two years. And not only. In United States, together with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, they have helped distribute roughly 1 million flu shot vouchers.

However, that's not all. This year they are ready to donate up to 3 million free vaccinations to people across the world, to people in developing countries. And you can help them with that. All you need to do is get vaccinated yourself in any of the Walgreens pharmacies, Healthcare Clinics at select Walgreens as well as Duane Reade pharmacy in New York - for every shot administered there Walgreens will be donating one shot to UN Foundation's Shot@Life campaign. And that lasts through October 14, 2013.

It's 2013 and still a child is dying from vaccine-preventable disease every 20 seconds and 75 percent of them are located in just 10 developing countries.

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