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Outsourcing: The 21st century policy of job seeking

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The scenario seems to have undergone a sea change. While till yesterday, it was India who was dependent on jobs outsourced from the United States, it is America now who has been shifted to the receiving end.

Reports claim that the US President Barack Obama has signed a deal with India, a deal worth $10 billion which will lead to the creation of more than 50,000 jobs in America. Hence, we can safely conclude that outsourcing of jobs has brought about a win-win situation for all parties involved in it. Outsourcing of jobs no longer means that some people will lose their own jobs because of the same being offered to another man in a different country. Just like the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stresses on the fact that outsourcing has led to the betterment of the American industries in terms of production capacity, the US agrees with him and the European countries have also come to realize the importance of outsourcing jobs to a lesser developed country like India.

Whenever a person speaks about outsourcing, he readily considers that it is India where the jobs have been outsourced. So how has India emerged as the outsourcing hub of the world over the past couple of years? Is it because of the fact that the country has some of the best educated working mass? Or is it simply because the majority of the working population in India is prepared to work at a lesser remuneration than the work really demands? Whatever may be the reason, India has become the favored country for the rich and developed nations to outsource jobs. We too are not complaining as long as we get the opportunity to work in those plush offices giving us the US feel in India!

The greatest advantage we think which favors the trend of job outsourcing in India is probably the difference in time zone between the Indian, European and American territories. So while they work during their daytime, we do the same during ours. And results are maximum. Therefore when both parties are happy, it is all the more favorable to ship the jobs to India. Another factor which helps India to become the largest outsourcing hub of the world is the huge population which put their hard labor to bring out the best work results, so that what we receive is the best product at the end.

Hence it is outsourcing that we as Indian citizens support, and we only hope that the Indian government does not flinch from what they are already preaching.

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