Protect your home - prepare for storms

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Protect your home - prepare for storms

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The preliminary tornado count for 2014 is 49, the forecasts for this year's severe weather season are similar to last year's season. The slow beginning to the season is likely to continue. But independent of that we need to be prepared - anyone who has ever experienced storms, knows that it's impossible to know exactly when a disaster will strike and you also know that the damage can be overwhelming both financially and emotionally. While the severe weather season might be at its worst in May and June, you need to start protecting your property already now, as like we said - you never know when exactly...

To reduce your stress levels, to learn what you can do to prepare for the disasters, you should study the State Farm's interactive media player below, as it will give you suggestions on what you can do to protect yourself. You could take the files you can find there as step by step guides. State Farm has been helping families to manage risks in their lives since 1922, so they have a good idea of what they are talking about. Especially as in 2013, the total cost of damage caused by hail and wind for State Farm's policy holders was roughly $3 billion.

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