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What to Look for When Buying a Used Car

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Used cars are getting cheaper and cheaper every day, and you can easily buy one for yourself. The flood of the used cars that are appearing in the market for the last time makes the experts predict the unusually high drop of the prices for such cars.

During the last recession in US, people stopped buying and leasing new cars, and preferred to stay longer with their current cars or opt for used cars instead. This brought the shortage of the most popular model on the market Ė new models with low mileage. The most popular models of the used cars are Honda CR-V и Toyota Camry, which became much expensive.

Recession influenced automakers, as they almost stopped leasing car during the crisis because giving out the loans was too difficult for the companies. Leased cars influence the market of used cars, as long as drivers using leased cars turn them back to the dealers in couple years, and leaders sell those cars at auctions. Shortly, this brings us to the situation when off-lease cars are hitting the auctions, which probably would make prices decrease in about 1.5% this year.

Though it is now a better time for getting a used car than it was in precious years, you still should stay cool while looking at the prices they offer, and keep your eye out of some mechanical and other important issues. As even if you get the car at a low price, having some serious drawbacks the car will cost you a lot more.

Getting a used car instead of a new has lot of benefits Ė thus, if you get a used car, you will not have to cope with the cost of depreciation that you get with a new car, as the first owner of the car has already took the most part of it. Cars that are few years old can still be on a warranty and this can save you some cash on repair, and, unless your car has been significantly redesigned, it will be the same as the recent model year. And the most obvious benefit of a used car is its low price in comparison with new models.

Of course, dropping prices on the used cars is a good thing for people looking for affordable autos, but there are several things you should take into consideration and keep an eye on. The ways cars are getting into the used cars market are different, and some get there after accidents, or being recalled, but not fixed in a proper way. Surely, you will save a dime getting a used car, but if you donít check the car in terms of following problems, you will spend much more for repairment and risk your life as well, so donít let the price only make up your mind.

1. Electrical problems
The modern electrical car systems are pretty complex, and this means the simple diagnosis of the problem that may occur can take about several hours only, not taking into consideration the time you will have to spend for repairing. And when the problem is found, it means you have to replace some components of the system, which quite an expensive thing to do, and the program is even more price. Thus, if when choosing a car you notice some stubborn lights or any other defects, mind hundreds of dollars youíll spend to repair this.

2. Poor quality body repair
The number of repairmen shops is big, yet many of them just cut corners, or simply are not qualified enough for the right repair of body damage. This fact often results in the mismatched paint and mismatched car lights (for example, one clear, and another one is foggy), and these are not the worst things. Thus, if you notice such a bad quality work done to carís body, wonder what is wrong with the inside of the car.

3. High mileage
Over the time and the miles that your car goes, the mechanical details, which ore the most important, are wearing out, and replacing them will be quite an expensive thing to do. And the cars having more than 100.000 miles will need such repair much sooner, and keeping them on the road will cost you much more. Be aware of the fact and always look at the mileage.

4. Rust
If you are living in the area where it snows a lot, of you suppose that the used car you are considering to purchase was driven in such an area, make sure you check such important parts of the car as rear wheel, edges of the front fenders, and door jambs and see if there is no rust in there. Being a nasty thing, rust often starts somewhere where it is unnoticeable, and slowly eats away all the car metal, making you pay a lot to repair the damaged parts.

5. Flood damage
Every time when there is a flood or a serious hurricane in US, there are thousands of cars that are submersed in water, and later recovered. And many of these cars, having major electricity and mechanical problems, are later sold to unsuspecting buyers, who later risk their budget and their life driving damaged cars. In order to know if the car you are considering to buy was damaged by the flood, look at the car history, check warning lights and look for the corrosion.

If you know all these things, you are certainly ready to become an owner of a used car. Check Localmart in US and find out what options you have.

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