Annual survey reveals attitudes towards energy efficiency

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Annual survey reveals attitudes towards energy efficiency

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Energy efficiency, at the time of increasing threat of global warming, is something we should all be aware of. Wherever we are, whatever we do. From thinking about TV stand by mode to making your home itself more energy efficient. And the positive thing is that more and more people are actually thinking about it and even more positive is the fact that more and more people are actually doing something about it.

Recent survey by the global leader in energy efficiency solutions, Johnson Controls, shows that the attitudes towards energy efficiency are changing. The survey, conducted among 3000 building owners and operators, shows that the importance of energy efficiency has risen 116 within the last two years. The study shows that organizations are very interested in implementing energy efficiency measures and as one of the main benefit from their actions they see cost savings. Cost savings while being greener is always a good motivation.

The Energy Efficiency Indicator also shows that it pays to set public goals, considering those who did set public energy efficiency goals, managed to implement a lot more measures than those who didn't set any goals. And third of the organizations to implemented energy efficiency measures got funding from external sources.

According to the survey, also the number of tenants who are willing to pay premium for greener buildings is increasing.

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